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Full Name: Juan Carlos Echartea
Nicknames: "J.C.", "Squints", and "Nako"
Gamer Tag: "Nakofan64"
Screen name: "Squints84"
Birthday: March 7, 1981
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Parents: Juan and Belinda
Sister: Jennifer
Dogs: Maddie (R.I.P.), Romeo, and Molly
Cat: Izzy (R.I.P.) and Ignacio
High School: Central Catholic Marianist High School
Occupation: Business Analyst/Rock Band Drummer

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Echartea Family 1984

Kazama Sogetsu SSSSSSSSS Kazama Kazuki Hobbies:
  • Sports (both watching and participating)
  • Music (all types)
  • Movies (again all types)
  • Video Games (for those who know me...DUH!)

Favorites: Sean Elliott

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