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December 24, 2007 - Why I Hate the Holiday Season

Let me first off say that my lack of excitement for Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with my religious beliefs...or lack there of. I was raised Roman Catholic, but my experience in high school made me realize that the religion simply is not for me. I consider myself an Agnostic. Anyway, my lack of excitement for the Holiday season has a lot to do with the way people get this time of year.

Historically, Christmas has been celebrated for just under 2000 years. It is a Christian holiday meant celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Growing up, I was taught that this was the season for "giving and sharing." Movies such as It's a Wonderful Life and The Charlie Brown Christmas carry the "true meaning of Christmas" as a major theme. Over the years, society has made the holiday season unbearable.

Over the years, I've learned a lot about how people get during the holiday season. If you spend around seven years in the retail industry, you'd see it too. From "Black Friday" to December 25, the human race turns into a bunch of crazed "vampires" with one basic shop...and run over anyone who gets in the way of their shopping. I've seen a crowd of people trample an elderly woman just so they can take advantage of a sale because it has the label "while supplies last." And I've had to deal with complete dumbasses who get pissed off because they waiting until the last minute to do their shopping and think it is my problem that the store I work in is sold out of Gamecubes. Things like that are reasons why I do all my holiday shopping online. You'll rarely see me in a retail store during December. This year, though, something else only added to my disdain for the holidays.

Most years, my family and I will travel to the Rio Grande Valley to visit the family that we have down there. I love my family, but I hate when we travel. The main reason is because the day we have to leave is anything but "Christmas-y". My parents get into a complete panic because they decided to wait till the last minute to pack and aren't that they have everything. It's a nightmare and I simply try to stay out of the way, because my sister and I are the first people they take their bad mood out on. This year, they decided we wouldn't travel anywhere. Instead, we'd be hosting Christmas at our house. I loved the idea. I honestly didn't want to travel anywhere and I'd save a day of PTO at work.

Hosting Christmas, though, hasn't prevented my parents from turning into complete jackasses this year. The house is nice and clean. My room is picked up. They've made improvements on the house to make it look all better. But now, all of a sudden, the smallest, stupidest, insignificant details about the house that absolutely NO ONE WILL NOTICE are a sudden reason to go into a panic worse than the kind that happen when we travel. What happened to the parents who have always preached to me about how important Christmas is and what the true meaning of the season is? It just sickens me that my parents have become the very same people I hate to deal with when it is the holiday season. If they decide to host Christmas again, it better be after I've moved out because I don't want to deal with their dark sides again.

Don't get me wrong, I like the season. I like that families get together and all that. But I hate what the holiday season does to people. The very same people who preach the "giving and sharing" crap are the very same people who show little regard for it all once "Black Friday" hits. It's bad enough Christmas has extended beyond Thanksgiving. You want to make the holiday season more enjoyable for everyone? Try believing in what you preach and don't turn into a complete asshole.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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December 9, 2007 - Fall Semester Completed

My first semester at UTSA is finally over. I only had two classes and, luckily, both final exams weren't too much of a hassle. I can finally get a little break from having to spend time at the library researching for so many papers that I had to write this past semester. Right after I took my last final, I sold my books back and walked away with $45. Can you say beer money at wrestling shows?

Speaking of which, next weekend is going to be a big weekend of wrestling shows. I'll be making the trip to Castroville on Saturday night to check out Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW), a new promotion that debuted last month. I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure it'll be a great show. On Sunday afternoon, I'll be back at the Venue for the ACW Lone Star Classic. This should be an awesome show with so many big names working that night.

As the holiday season gets into full swing, this is usually the time of year where I look back on what I have and have not done over the last twelve months or so. I must say that this has been one of the best years ever. A lot of positive things happened this year and it has been quite enjoyable. I got to attend another Royal Rumble, discovered the greatness of the local independent wrestling promotions, saw my cousin get married (finally, LOL!), enjoyed Spring Break in South Padre Island, got a new cat, got to see my Spurs win their fourth NBA championship, and I went back to school. It wasn't all good, but those are the things that really defined my year for me...especially that last one. So much more happened, but those are the highlights.

And with that, I leave you with the 2007 Echartea Family Holiday Card. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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November 12, 2007 - One Month Later...

Sorry to use the cliche title there, but it's late and I'm not all creative at the moment. But it does fit. It's been a little over a month since Starr went total bitch on me and shoved a cake in my face. I'll elaborate on that in a bit, because I am in a good mood right now.

Anyway, everything's been going well. School has been a little bit of a challenge, but I've hung in there. Only about a month left in my first semester back and I'm feeling very confident as my final assignment due dates and final exams approach. I feel that I've re-adjusted to college life quite well, and am looking forward to finishing it all up. I still have a little ways to go, though.

While football season is in full swing, the NBA basketball season has already started. I've always hated how the NBA season is just too long at times, but I can't complain with seeing my San Antonio Spurs defend their NBA title. Lucky for me, I got to see a game already this season when my dad got 12th tickets to a recent game against the Sacramento Kings. That was a great family night that I think everyone should experience at one point. It was great to look up and see four NBA Championship banners hanging in the rafters of the AT&T Center. I'm looking forward to seeing the Spurs complete the Drive for Five.

Over the last month, I've also been able to reconnect with a couple of friends who I had lost contact with. That's always a good thing because I've always felt that you can never have too many friends. You never really know who is going to have the right thing to say to you when times get tough, so be sure to surround yourself with good people. Of course, I've learned the hard way that Starr isn't one of the "good people."

A lot of people have asked me why I've been so extremely upset with Starr since "cake night." Aside from the embarrassment, a lot of my feelings are personal. Since that whole incident, I have yet to receive a phone call or text message from her apologizing for what she did. This is someone that I defended so many times before from all the shit talking I heard about her from people in ACW and other promotions around the city as well. Like any other friend in my life, I was there for her. But she just used me to get herself over as a heel...and not a word to me since. But it hasn't been all bad. Two weeks later, I did dump a whole lot of pumpkin guts and pumpkin seeds into the bitch's hair when she decided to get near me and yell at me. I've gotten a lot of praise from members of the ACW locker room for that, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. It was Chesty's idea.

The same night that I did that, though, I had a couple of her friends come up to me after the show and tell me "You're just mad because she never slept with you." Okay, number one, I don't know who you are and nor do I care. You don't know me and you don't know what I've been through in my life, but I'm not going to allow myself to be taken advantage by anyone in ANY capacity. Number two, I'm glad I never slept with that whore. That makes me one of the elite few in this world that hasn't. You'd be surprised how many people have come up to me and given me a laundry list of guys (and girls) she's slept with. Considering who some of those guys are, I'm glad that I'm someone who's more interested in who a woman is rather than whether or not I can get her in bed with me.

Finally, don't defend her. I did and she ended up using me. Starr sleeps around just to move her way up in the wrestling business and doesn't care who she steps on in the process. And her reputation isn't limited to Texas either. At some point she needs to learn to fight her battles herself...without somehow involving sex. And she's going to have to deal with me face-to-face. I'm not going to listen to messages from her "friends."

Luckily, my experience at shows hasn't been all bad. Starr is only out there for one match a night. And when she's out there by herself, she's usually getting her ass kicked by Miss Diss_lexia. I've seen Lexi kick her ass twice now and I've loved every moment of it. The shows themselves are a great escape as always and I love it.

Well, that's really all I can say for now. Overall, I am doing well and hanging in there. Regardless of what's happened, life continues to get better for me and I can't complain about that. It really is great to have the friends around me that I do. They all just make this experience called "life" so much fun.

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October 7, 2007 - One Messed Up Weekend

So I just got home and showered because I needed to cool off. Some of the best advice I've ever gotten is that when bad things happen, cool off and regroup before you say something you don't mean, whether it be in a phone call, email, whatever. Well, I've cooled off and I'm thinking straight. And I'm still pissed off!

No, this has nothing to do with Texas losing to Oklahoma yesterday. I dealt with it. A couple of beers and three shots of tequila while listening to "Volver, Volver" (that is THE song to drink to, by the way) helped a lot. I'm talking about what happened today at the IWA-Texas: ACW Absence of Law show.

For anyone who knows me, they know that I've been a huge fan (#1 fan actually) of Starr. I had a shirt made that I've worn to every show and always got in line early and paid for a front row seat just so I could always get a big hug from her whenever she came out with Kissyboots. Yesterday was her birthday, and I picked up a chocolate cake for her (her favorite) and surprised her with it when she came out. All went well...then...she turned heel.

I stood there in shock when she pulled the ref out of the ring to stop Miss Diss_Lexia from getting the win, but of all people to leave Kissyboots for...Andy Dalton? Are you kidding me? That no talent, piece of shit Hardbody? The kiss he planted on her made me sick, but her actions afterward shocked me more than anything. She took the cake I made and shoved it right in my face and all over my front of everyone. Embarrased? You're damn right I was. Starr made her quick exit and I missed half of the match that followed as I was cleaning up. Thankfully, Dalton got his ass kicked so there is some justice there. By the time that match ended, my embarrasment had turned to rage.

To me, Starr was someone special. I have always defended her when people talked shit about her and have supported her both in the ring and out. I have so much respect and love for her and I would have gladly taken her birthday chops because it would have pained me too much to see her go through that. Then, she pulled this shit. I wanted nothing more than to see her get chopped. Hell, I would have held the bitch in place. But she left the Venue before the show was over.

Oh, but I can hear it now from everyone: "J.C., it's just a's all's not real." If you've never seen professional wrestling live, then you don't know crap. The torture these men and women put themselves through is real. No one can just come in off the street and pull the moves off safely like they do. People train for months...even years... before they get their first match. I'm not a trained professional. I'm a fan who pays $15 everytime for my front row seat to enjoy the show that everyone involved works so hard to put together. I don't sit there and work out a match with my opponent before the first fan ever enters the door. You have to trust the person you're working with or else one of you can suffer a serious injury.

I could have dealt with her turning heel. But Starr crossed the line between show and reality. But what she's never known about me is that when people break my trust or wrong me in any way, I have an immeasurable lust for revenge. It could be at the next show, while you are training, or even if I see your sorry ass on campus. You won't know when and you won't know how, but when it happens, you will know it was me. You'll be sorry you hurt me. Ask my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me and the people who were around me when she did. When I get hell bent on revenge, people have told me that I become a completely different person, which is NOT the nice guy you've known me to be.

Yes, I'm ok. I'm hurt by what's happened, but I'll man up and deal with it. However, I am so very close to joining the ACW Dojo myself just so I can train my ass off and get in the ring so I can shoot on that damn bitch. For now, I'm just going to leave you with a warning, Starr. Don't come near me at ringside. I will cross the line between show and reality if you do.

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September 20, 2007 - Return to College Life and please...No Drama

So how has college life been? Well, believe it or not, I've stayed on track so far this semester and actually have enjoyed being back on a college campus again...except for the Saturday class. Don't get me wrong, the teacher is good, but having to wake up at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning to attend a 3-hour 8:00 class is hell...especially during football season. I haven't missed a televised Longhorn game yet, but I do miss getting to watch College Gameday. Needless to say, this is the last semester that I ever take a Saturday class.

Anyway, it does feel good to be back in school taking a couple of classes. It's a lot of work, especially since work has gotten crazy busy with the upcoming merger. Much of my time is spent running back and forth between the two, but I am keeping up and have been doing well so far. I just keep telling myself that a semester is only 3 and a half months long and that does help.

Aside from school and work, I've been keeping busy. I recently had a one day softball tournament in the awesome South Texas heat and while I walked off the field a little darker after 5 hours of pitching (and a couple of home runs), it was a lot of fun. The local wrestling shows have been nothing but a great escape from it all recently so that has helped make life a lot easier. But, as good as they've been, there has been some meaningless drama.

The wrestling community of fans in San Antonio is truly something amazing. We mark out at every show, but always are respectful and honest in our opinions about the talent a promotion has to offer. I've said it before, but I have to admit that it is an honor knowing that so many big names come through this city (whether by way of IWA: Texas ACW or RCW) and they all walk away saying we have the best fans in the world. It's great, I love it. As a fan, it's a great feeling knowing that so much talent wants to come to your community just to perform in front of you and everyone else who pays to attend a show.

But, in the wrestling world, from the bottom all the way to the top, there is meaningless drama. And it's sad because it's all a bunch of stupid high school drama where the people who get hurt the most by it are the fans who pay to see a show. Sure, we're not exposed to it at shows (unless the match is a shoot), but most of it is all a bunch of bullshit he said this and he said that crap that you would think adults could move past. My only guess is that people's egos get in the way. And it sucks. I love professional wrestling. I don't care how much the media or anyone else may look down on it, or how much it's come under fire with the whole Benoit incident. Like any fan, I've had dreams of training to become a wrestler and working matches and feeding off the energy of the crowd. I've even got my gimmick ideas and entrance music to go with each one. But the one thing that has kept me from taking a step toward that dream and attending wrestling school is the fact that I hate drama. Drama is a load of crap that I left back in high school. And I plan on keeping it there.

I've never been one to point out names and I never judge a person by the stories or comments another person has about them...especially when that person is completely biased, which happens a lot. I've learned to talk to a person myself and make my own judgments about them. It's just better to get to know someone by talking to them and it bothers me that so many people in this world are quick to form opinions about someone just by the stories they hear. It's sad really. You know, if you're a true fan of wrestling, then you'd say #$%@ the stupid drama and attend a show because it is wrestling.

If you're one of the bottom guys in the business, pay your dues and work your way up to the top. Don't expect people to hand it to you. My one dream is to see y'all make it big so that I can look back and say, "wow, I knew this guy (or girl) when he was on his rise to the top." If you're one of the top guys in the business, please don't let your ego get the best of you. The only way the business will survive is if you mentor the younger talent and offer advice. I'm not saying hold their hand through the whole ordeal, but don't be so quick to sabotage a man's (or woman's) career dreams. Weren't you once in their shoes? And if you're a promoter, the plain and simple truth is that everyone wins when you don't try and destroy the other person's business. In San Antonio, we're wrestling fans, and we want every promotion to succeed here locally. I'm not saying you have to work together, but never put the fans in a position where we have to choose one promotion or the other. I want every promotion here to be a success so that people will drive or fly down here to see the best indy wrestling in the the nation.

In closing, I just want to add that I love professional wrestling. I can't emphasize that enough. I so grateful that I discovered the local scene this past January and I can't thank the local promoters enough for the product they put out. It's gets me through the long days at work and gives me something to look forward to. Thank you for all you do and I can't wait to see what y'all have planned for the future.

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August 27, 2007 - Confused by things, but still thinking positive

It's been almost a month. And so much has happened that I've just been trying to make sense of it all. Don't get me wrong, life's been good. But, there's just some things I'll never understand.

As most of you know by now, my uncle passed away on August 15 due to Liver Cirrhosis. I'll leave you to Google that for yourself, but, in short, it is a disease caused by alcohol abuse. My uncle's viewing, rosary, and funeral took place on the 18th and 19th of this month in McAllen, TX. I do want to thank everyone who sent their best wishes whether it was a myspace message, an email, instant message, forum post, or a simple phone call. The past month or so has been tough, but I know my family and we'll make it through. :-) If you'd like to read my uncle's obituary, click here.

The remarkable thing about my uncle's viewing, rosary, and funeral was the sheer number of people who attended to, at the very least, pay their respects. What I never knew about my uncle was the number of people whose lives he touched. There were people who knew him when he was in high school. He had so many close friends and family members. The funeral home was standing room only and the church was almost completely full. It was amazing to see, but confusing still. One question is going to bother me for quite a while: How could one person who had so many people there for him in his life not call on them when he needed help? Instead, he turned to the bottle. I'll never know why he did it, but even if I did know, I'll never understand the logic of it.

I do love and miss my uncle. I have so many great memories of him and I would gladly share them with anyone who ever asks. I just want everyone out there to know that no matter what hardships may come in your life, never have the pride to not ask for help. There are people in this world who will always be there for you. To my friends, you know you can always call on me. I'm just a phone call away. I've seen first hand what alcoholism can do to a person. Even worse is the strain it puts on the people in that person's life. It's any ugly disease. If you're an alcoholic (or know someone who is), please get help.

Well, on to other things. Last Wednesday, I officially became a college student again. I am now a history major at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I'm very motivated and confident that I'll be holding a degree (finally!) within the next few years. I'm taking two classes this semester. Both are heavy on the writing side so while there won't be tests to study for, there will be a lot of hours spent in the library doing research. I'm prepared for it all, though, and have so far enjoyed the whole experience. But Saturday classes at 8 AM suck! Just 57 more credit hours to complete so I can graduate!

And while I'm a Roadrunner for school, I'm forever a Longhorn. Just 4 more days till the kickoff of the 2007 football season! The outlook is very positive this year and my burnt orange blood is beginning to pump like crazy! What can I say? I love my Texas Longhorns! It's time for a return to the BCS. Hook 'em in '07!

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July 29, 2007 - Why live pro wrestling is awesome...

When my friends and I first attended a live independent wreslting show this past January on Royal Rumble weekend, we really didn't know what to expect. The big reason we decided to go in the first place was to see "Hotstuff" Hernandez in person since TNA has never made a venture into Texas. The promotion was River City Wrestling. The venue was the Bellaire Baptist Church gymnasium. The atmosphere was awesome and the show was spectacular. We were hooked.

So what makes it so great? For me, it's a lot of things.

  1. I get to see so many up and coming wrestlers work in the ring. While not all will make it to a WWE or TNA pay-per-view event, for those that do, I can say, "hey, I saw that guy wrestle before he made it big."
  2. I get to see so many big names who are on TV or are well know all over the world for what they do in the ring.
  3. The way the workers really show their appreciation for the fans before, during, and after the show.
  4. I can get up the motivation to make a shirt like this
    I Love Starr (front)
    I Love Starr (back)
    and have so many people appreciate it. Although as long as Starr loves it, it's all good. :-)
  5. Most importantly, it's the fact that no matter what is going on in my life or in the world, the moment I step into the venue, I lose myself there and escape from the realities of the real world.

Yeah, I'm a big fan, but even if you aren't, this is something you can appreciate. Just once, make it to a show. Whether it be IWA-Texas: ACW or RCW, I guarantee you that no matter who you are, you'll have so much fun. It's one of the few places you can go where you just feel like you're part of the show. It's truly amazing.

I'm proud to be a wrestling fan and even prouder to be a San Antonio wrestling fan. So many wrestlers may feel honored by the cheers or the boos they get from us, but I just feel honored that so many of them make the trip deep into the heart of Texas just to wrestle for us. To every wrestler, referee, promoter, and crew member of the local San Antonio promotions, thank you so much for everything that you do. To my fellow San Antonio wrestling fans, we rock! It's truly an honor when someone says we're the best fans in the world.

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July 16, 2007 - Football season is fast approaching

The approach of football season always has signs. The biggest sign for me is always the release of NCAA Football. As always, this year's game looks to be better than last year's and it'll be hitting stores tomorrow...and mine is already paid off. The Longhorn season does look promising this year. We'll see what happens.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy, but fun. Work has really picked up as the merger is starting to kick into full gear. I've attended an RCW, ACW, and PWI show in the last couple of weeks. Also, I've been to the movies to see Transformers and the new Harry Potter movie two times apiece. Both are great, but Transformers is, hands down, the best movie I've seen so far this year.

The rest of the year looks to be shaping up pretty well. Ignacio is doing great. He's 10 weeks old now and is due for his next set of shots in a couple of weeks. I just found out today that Smallville's Season 7 premiere is September 27. I'm sure Heroes and Supernatural will premiere around that time as well. Also, the line-up of uupcoming wrestling shows is simply amazing.

Anyway, I do want to take this time to share a big thank you. I posted this on the ACW Fans forum, but felt the need to add this post to my blog here.

Last Thursday (July 5), I posted a message that I may not be able to make the July 8 show due to having to leave town since my uncle was in the hospital. I had actually sent Darin a private message beforehand letting him know this and he responded with

"...if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. when we say ACW is a family we mean it."

Well, I ended up making it back in town, changed into my awesome "I Love Starr" shirt and headed for the Venue...arriving about 15 minutes into the show. It didn't take long for me to get into the show despite having just driven the entire 4 hours back home. After the show, just about every single one of you guys (wrestlers, referees, fans, etc.) came up and asked me how my uncle was doing.

I'll be honest...I didn't expect it. Darin's message was never more true than it was today. To everyone, thank you so very much for all the well-wishes and prayers. My family and I greatly appreciate them.

To the ACW locker room....thank you for giving me a reason to rush away from home and giving me a chance to get my mind off of things for those three hours or so that you put on a show.

To the ACW fans (especially my 5150 Mafia homies that saved a seat for me so Starr could get a great look at my awesome shirt).... thanks for always cheering right along with me...or against me in some cases...and for helping make the whole experience great.

ACW truly is family thanks to all of you.

end of message

I did let my mom know about this since this is her brother I visited that weekend. As surprised as she was to hear what y'all did, she expressed her thanks for all the well-wishes. My uncle is doing a lot better now since the weekend I had visited him. He should be moved out of ICU pretty soon which is awesome.

Well, that's all for now. I'll check back in soon if I can get myself away from NCAA Football 2008. Until then, Hook 'em Horns!

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June 26, 2007 - The Quiet Dynasty

Ok, so it seems like it has been forever and a day since I last left a blog. In reality, it hasn't even been a month, but so much has happened.

First off, the title of this blog is taken from the Sports Illustrated cover that graced news stands after the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring a 4th NBA Championship to San Antonio. The title fits perfectly. People have been calling this team boring for years. You know what? Call us boring, dirty, lame...I don't care. The fact of the matter is that the Spurs win championships. When it gets down to it, that's all that matters. You may not like what's going on in San Antonio, but you have to respect us. We're the champs again. That's all that matters.

And now there's a new addition to the family. And I'm so happy he's here. Everyone meet Ignacio!

Ignacio and me

Cats always have some serious red eye. Anyway, he's awesome at only 7 weeks old. There's sure to be a lot more pics of him up in the future.

The recent RCW and ACW...err...IWA Texas: ACW shows have been great. They continue to get better and I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm very excited about the Marval vs. Don Juan feud that's been set up and I can't wait to see Jerry Lynn again in a Texas ring.

I make the mention of wrestling and as everyone knows by now, Chris Benoit and his family have passed. The police investigating the deaths have now ruled it a double murder-suicide with Benoit being the perpetraitor. As a long time wrestling fan, and one who always cheered Benoit when he hit the ring, this is a tough one for me to swallow. I'm not denying that what happened, did happen. I'm just shocked by the fact that someone like him could do this to his wife and 7-year old son. I don't know the motive, and I don't care to know. Right now, all I know is that I will miss seeing someone with his intensity and enthusiasm wrestling week after week on TV. But I hate him for what he did. Truth of the matter is that I don't know what to feel right now. And I don't know if I ever will. I applaud the WWE for the way they've handled the situation publicly and hope that we, as fans, never have to live through this again. I will miss the character Chris Benoit, but I won't miss the person.

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June 2, 2007 - Return to the Finals

As most should know by now, the San Antonio Spurs have returned to the NBA Finals for the fourth time. Just today, the city of San Antonio found out that we will be playing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. To be honest, this is the matchup I was hoping for. I'll give the Cavs their due, but they won't be doing what they did to Detroit in SA. I'm saying the Spurs will win the series in six games.

Aside from all that, things are going good. I've been working a lot as usual and have been going to watch some of the best wrestling in the world today. I'm talking, of course, about RCW and ACW. Both promotions just continue to put on some great shows that leave me exhausted...and I just cheer the whole time. I want to give a special thanks and good luck wish to Jacob Ladder who recently retired after his 3 stages of hell matches with Darrin Childs. The two put on an awesome show and the fans brought some great weapons. Mine didn't get used, but it was still awesome to see.

Also, recently, I was very excited to see that mixed martial arts has gone mainstream. The UFC 71 coverage on ESPN and ESPNEWS was great. I was a little peeved that Joe Rogan had to get into an argument live on SportsCenter will Floyd Mayweather's promoter. The promoter simply would listen and was quick to call MMA human cockfighting...and Rogan, although civil at first, let him have it. UFC's original incarnation was human cockfighting. There were no rules and no regulations. Now, it's a legitimate sport and it bothers me that people are quick to judge.

I'm not saying that MMA is going to take over boxing. If anyone's making it seem that way, it's the boxing world. Why can't the two sports co-exist? Both have their own sanctioning bodies so why can't they both be accepted as sports? If I can sit through a 12-round snooze-fest that was De La Hoya vs. Mayweather, y'all could sit through an upcoming UFC event. I'll have a new opinion added soon that will cover all this, so don't worry.

For now, I'm just going to prepare to cheer the Spurs on in the NBA Finals and get ready for the ACW shows on June 10 and 17 and the RCW show on June 30. That being said, it's time to bring home number 4. GO SPURS GO!

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May 13, 2007 - More to catch everyone up on

Right after I posted that last blog entry, my weekend suddenly started to become interesting. After work on Friday night, I headed straight for Austin. It'd been a long time since I had gotten to hang with Rob at his house, and it was a lot of fun. We got to talking about everything from upcoming games, best current game system, the Spurs, and the good and bad of Spider-man 3. Also, I got to see the PC version of Spider-man 3 on a 1080p screen. Wow is all I need to say. Rob, it was great getting to hang at your place again. Hope to do it again soon. Also, thanks to Matt for housing me for the night.

The trip to Austin was very much needed. It'd been a while since I'd been able to stay up till 4 just chillin and playing games. It was a much needed escape that I needed. We played everything from Garou to Fighting Vipers to Super Bomberman 2 to Rez. The only shitty thing of the night was the fact the Gears of War (for whatever reason) would not connect for system link play. It's crap because I was really looking forward to playing it, but I, at least, got to look at it...and I was very impressed.

In other news, I am doing very well. So far, the budget is working out very well and with so much coming up this summer, it couldn't all be happening at a better time. The summer movie season should be good and the line-up of ACW and RCW shows looks great as do the upcoming UFC events. WWE Smackdown will be coming to San Antonio in June, but I don't plan to go unless I win tickets. WWE really disappointed me with Wrestlemania this year and Backlash didn't help either. Matter of fact, Backlash killed it for now. I hate that Vince McMahon thinks he so big and great now that he doesn't care for his fans anymore. Fans like myself and my friends made the WWE what it is. We deserve a lot better than some of crap he puts on TV right now.

That being said, the ACW and RCW shows are amazing...and I'm hooked. Being front row for the action at every show and getting to interact with the wrestlers before, during, and after the show makes it all a very enjoyable experience. You don't have to be a fan to be entertained, but you'll become a fan after checking out a show in San Antonio. The fans are great and the wrestlers are very appreciative of that. What really got me at the last show I attended is that some of the wrestlers were interested in what myself and some of the other fans thought and what we think would work in the shows. It really shows that they care and it's awesome.

So, at this point right now, life is good. The single life is great and I'm just enjoying it all one day at a time. Right now, the future looks bright so we'll just have to see. Till next time...

Dancing with Mom

And I didn't forget this...Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You're the best.

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May 10, 2007 - Boxing is a disappointment

Let me first say that I did not pay to see the fight last weekend. I didn't go to a bar to see it either. Matter of fact, when the fight was going on, I was driving back from Austin with Mike and Melinda from the ACW Austin Debut show. When I got home, I tuned into ESPN and they had breaking news that Mayweather beat De La Hoya by split decision. A couple of hours later, the fight showed up online and the downloading began.

I got up the next day and took care of a few things. When the download finished, I watched the fight simply because I told my homeboy, Shelton (a huge boxing fan), that I would. After viewing the bout, I was so happy I made the drive to Austin for the ACW show. I will agree that Mayweather won the fight and the main reason is that De La Hoya didn't work his jab. When he did, he won rounds...but he only did that once or twice. When the fight was over, I headed out to the ACW show that was downtown that night. I told my dad before I left that I had the fight if he wanted to see it. He said he heard it was boring and had no desire to see it. When I got home that night, I deleted the file.

Sorry for the long introduction, but here's what I'm getting at. That fight was supposed to be the bout that saved boxing from the bad state it was in. This fight was analyzed so much by ESPN and HBO. It had the 24-7 show. It had all the right build up....the fight sucked! It was 12 3-minute rounds of two of the supposed biggest names in the sport boxing for points. I picked De La Hoya to win. I thought that maybe...just maybe, he would knock loud mouth Mayweather out. But no. Instead, he reverted back to the reason why I stopped being a fan of his--he doesn't try to knock people out anymore.

Needless to say, the fight was a waste and it's gonna be a long time before I watch any boxing match again. I'm sticking to mixed martial arts. It's different disciplines and different fighting styles and anything can happen. And, for the most part, these fighters finish their matches. The ones who lay back and try and fight for points (i.e. Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski) get booed and are a rare breed in the MMA world. I'm not posting this to say that MMA is replacing boxing. MMA is just doing it all right. With the UFC, there's fighting at least once a month whether it is on pay-per-view or free TV. The PPV events are $50 and you're guaranteed to see at least five fights. If there's extra time, they'll show one of the four preliminary fights that took place before the feed went live. De La Hoya-Mayweather was $60 for one!?!

I am a firm believer that boxing and MMA can co-exist, but for it to happen, boxing does need to shape up. It's a great sport and there is a lot of history involved that I would hate to see go to waste because of fiacos like this past weekend. There's a way to make it right, but promoters can't be stubborn or money hungry. Know your fan base and you'll save the sport.

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April 25, 2007 - Playoffs in full gear

So much has happened and so much more is coming. The Spurs just evened their first round series against the Denver Nuggets at one game a piece. Thankfully, there haven't been any signs of backlash against the Spurs for the whole Joey Crawford thing. To everyone that bitched about it, Crawford was always a bad referee. Get over it.

As many of us know, last week a very disturbed 23 year-old was responsible for the massacre at Virginia Tech. All last week, I was doing a lot of research on this. It is a horrible tragedy and sad that someone felt he was "pushed" into that position for all the bullying he took in his middle and high school years. I feel for the families of the victims and the family of Cho Seung-hui. Let's hope this never happens again. Go Hokies.

So all that...and Spider-man 3 is just 9 days away. I already have my tickets and I can't wait to see how the saga surrounding the Venom symbiote unfolds on-screen.

Also, to the many people who put together the local wrestling promotions here, thank you so very much for doing so. Even TNA has turned into a show and it sucks. So much now, you don't see wrestling shows where it is all about the wrestling. The local independents like Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) and River City Wrestling (RCW) are amazing to see. I'm not gonna say one is better than the other because they are both great. Thanks for bringing back my faith in wrestling that I lost a lot of when Wrestlemania 23 happened. Also a big thanks to IWA Mid-South who made the trip down to SA last weekend to put on an amazing show with ACW. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

That's it for now. I guess I just have a bunch of random thoughts today. Till next time, GO SPURS GO!

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April 6, 2007 - say the least...

Okay, so April so far has been...weird...I guess. Let me first just start this off by saying that Wrestlemania 23 was disappointing. Period. That's it. End of story. I'm not going to go into detail about it because there's other stuff I care more to talk about.

So at the Wrestlemania viewing party I attended, the first thing I got told by one of my friends that I hadn't seen in a while wasn't "hi" or "how are you?" Rather, it was "Don't piss me off today. I'm not in the mood." Yep. Crazy, huh? For a second, I thought she was related to Jeff Jarrett...or possibly Jeff Jarrett after a sex-change operation. But whatever. I laughed it off. I was trying to enjoy myself. Throw that piece of drama in with a lame Wrestlemania and the night was say the least.

Monday morning we had to drive to the valley for my great-grandfather's rosary and funeral. My great-grandfather passed away in his sleep the previous Saturday at the age of 102. Remarkable, huh? I learned quite a bit about my mom's side of the family in those two days. Most important is knowing I have some good genes as far as long life goes. We stayed at the condo in South Padre Island since it was 20 minutes from Brownsville. There were a lot of people from Mexico there (since it's Semana Santa) and they all can't drive. So after barely avoiding one moron who fell asleep at the wheel and almost hit us head on, that trip was say the least.

At least tonight I got to see Grindhouse. This movie featured two of my favorite directors working together on an amazing B-movie double feature. It was awesome. I liked Planet Terror better than Death Proof since that feature really kept on moving. The fake trailers were awesome. One of which is turning into a real movie and I can't wait to see that.

I bring that up because that was the second "adventure" I've been on recently where I invited some people to go and no one went with me. I invited a bunch of people to go with me to South Padre in March. No one came along so I said "Fuck it!" and went by myself. Same thing with Grindhouse. The people who said they were going to come backed out and another who said she'd call me if she couldn't make it never called...and never showed. Yeah, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. It does really bother me, but at this point, I really don't care.

You know, I've been a nice guy for so long and it seems there's very few people in this world that appreciate that...even among my own friends. And some of those people who I thought did appreciate it, turned out to be taking advantage of me...or at least trying to. I've been screwed over so many times in my life that I'm done caring. I'm letting my darker side out more and if it pissed people off, so be it. I've looked out for a lot of people in my life and, to the people that deserve it, I will continue to look out for them. But more and I more I will be looking out for myself. Call me selfish if you want, but you asked for it. I'm done caring. Deal with it.

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March 30, 2007 - Another March passes by...

No, I didn't just now get back from South Padre Island. This has just been a crazy enough week since I got back that I'm finally get a chance to add something here. Although, a lot of this week was just trying to get back on my normal sleep cycle...which is hard when you're used to not getting up everyday until 11:00.

Anyway, the vacation was great. When I finally made it onto the island (it took three hours once I got in to Port Isabel), I got everything unpacked and just relaxed. And everything just started to feel better. I got to see the Ying Yang Twins at Louie's Backyard on Sunday. I watched a bunch of white people from up north pass out from Tequila shots (morons) and got a lot of dances and kisses from a lot of lovely ladies.

Just chillin' on the beach for a few hours each day was so nice. I enjoyed just sitting there in the sun and not having to worry about anything at all. It didn't even bother me as much when I discovered I had a flat tire on Tuesday. $10 at Wal-mart was all it took to fix it. I stayed in South Padre until Thursday which is when I drove to Austin to visit some friends I hadn't seen in a while. I returned to SA on Saturday much more relaxed. I still am now. That week, I learned that no matter how old you are, everyone deserves a Spring Break.

As usual, my first few days back to work after vacation sucked, but I made it through. By now, I'm ready to just finish out the week and enjoy my weekend...which will consist of meeting up with some friends from Houston and Dallas that I haven't seen in a long time on Saturday and watching Wrestlemania on Sunday. March is coming to an end...which sucks for me. But hopefully the rest of the year will go well.

This March was say the least. My birthday makes it all good every year and my vacation made it even better...and I hope to go again for a long weekend in June. But some things did change among the people close to me. You're never really prepared for it all, but it happens. On one end, I have a best friend who's going through something you never want anyone to go through. She's doing well and I'm doing the best I can to support her. On another end, I suddenly became a 5th wheel. No big deal really. I'm kinda used to being the 3rd, 5th, or, in rare instances, 7th wheel. But as used to it as I am, I'm kinda tired of that stigma. Anyone who's been there knows what I'm talking about. I'll live though. It'll be interesting, but I'll survive.

Well, it's raining and it's about time for me to jump into the shower before I head off to work to finish out the week. Good-bye to March...always the best month of the year and thanks to everyone who made my birthday month great. Love you all and I'll talk to ya soon.

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March 15, 2007 - A Whirl Wind of Craziness

I know that title sounds lame, but with all the information that has been thrown at me over the past few weeks. So that's what I came up with...and here we go.

Okay, so the nightmare month that is February came to an end. I say nightmare month, because, for me, it seems that that is the month every year that everything seems to go wrong. Surprisingly, not much in the category of bad luck this year. I survived it and the best month of the year finally hit.

To me, March is the real new year. I don't say that just because my birthday happens that month. I say that because everything always seems to just start off right. Two years ago on March 14, I got the job that, in some respects, saved my life. Eight years ago, March 14 was the day my best relationship ever began. It's the month Spring begins, and Spring is always a new beginning for me. March is also the month where the Spurs just take off on the late season hot streak that leads them right into the playoffs. Honestly, I could go on here...

So my birthday came on March 7 (I turned 26 for those who don't know) and all the well wishes come in the form of phone calls, emails, myspace comments, and letters from the people that live in my Animal Crossing town. (Yes, I still play that game.) And the typical question..."How do you fell?" Well, to be honest, young. That's one of the qualities I love about myself. I swear, I'm gonna be forever young. I just enjoy life and nothing really gets to me. Anyway, my birthday featured a lunch with mom at Babe's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, the debut of Samurai Shodown 6 at a local arcade (HELL YEAH!), and dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse with the family...and Big Mike. It's just a great day for me every year. Thanks to all that made that week great. And 300 was AWESOME!

Congrats goes out to my cousin, Michelle, who finally tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Orville. So if you were wondering why I wasn't getting autographs from Jennifer Peņa at the H-E-B on Zarzamora, working backstage at the Tejano Music Awards (just so I could see Jennifer), or in attendance at the RCW Battlelines show (not Jennifer Peņa related, but RCW OWNS!), it's because I was in McAllen for my cousin's wedding. I'll be honest, I was expecting the "When are you gonna settle down with that special someone" question that usually accompanies family weddings. I forgot that this was my dad's side of the family. Yeah, when the reception is BYOB, you know it's gonna OWN! Look, what happens there stays there (though pictures may surface later), but I had a great time. And yes, I did get the dreaded question once, but I had my response ready. And when the garter was tossed, I ran the other way.

So all that, and I'm working this week...and one more day to go before my much needed vacation. I'll be spending a week in South Padre Island, Texas and with the weather forecast looking great, it's sure to be very relaxing. Away from work, away from the city, one of the few places where I can just feel away from the world. Yeah, I'm going by myself, but it's all good. It'll give me a chance to relax and possibly meet new people. Maybe something great will is the month of March after all.

That's all I can say for now. I'll be back with a new tan and a lot less stress. Till then, everyone take care...and to all the single people out there...LIVE IT UP! Single People Own!

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February 11, 2007 - Just Living...

Wow...over a month. I'll be honest with you, I've just been having SO MUCH FUN! So what's been happening...

First off, I have met my new boss since my company just merged with Wachovia. It will be interesting answering to someone who works miles away in Charlotte but I'm actually looking forward to it. Some of the managers at the call center were thinking back to almost two year ago when they took a chance and gave me a job. And here I am. A little older, a lot wiser, and almost out of the debt... They complimented me on how far I've come and, to this day, I can't thank them enough for the opportunity.

Next...wrestling...the last three weeks have been simply to best for any wrestling fan in San Antonio. On January 26, the WWE Wrestlemania Fan Axxess Tour was at Ingram Mall here. They had a great set up with so many things and Mickie James and Mr. Kennedy came out to sign autographs. That night, I attended my first show for an independent wrestling promotion. River City Wrestling had a show at a church on the south side of town (only in San Antonio) with the biggest star being Hernandez who wrestles in TNA. The show was awesome and the small sold out crowd of 300 was great. But it was there that we got caught up in a local Indy Wars as Texas Wrestling Entertainment showed up to pass out flyers for their show the following weekend.

The next night...or day actually...was the 2007 Royal Rumble. I say "day" because we spent the entire day at the AT&T Center. What pissed me off the most about it all was the fact the WWE doesn't care anymore about their fans...the people that made them the biggest wrestling promotion in the business. The doors didn't open until an hour before showtime (even though they'd advertised it'd be two hours before) and they wouldn't even let people in to use the restroom. Still, it was great to once again be at one of the "Big 4" WWE pay-per-view events...and what was hands down the best Royal Rumble in history. Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker were the final two and the 15 minutes they put in at the end made that match an instant classic. That night we were all completely exhausted having lived the greatest weekend ever.

Fast forward one week later to February 4...Super Bowl Sunday. I'm no expert on booking wrestling shows, but who in their right mind books a show on Super Bowl Sunday and three hours before the Big Game starts. TWE apparantly...and the show started late. We all attended...but only before we were new to the independent scene and because the TNA X Division Champion, Chris Sabin, was advertised to be there. The crowd...dead. The venue was bigger, but no one showed...well, some people did. Sabin wasn't one of them. The promoter broke the news early on that Dixie Carter (TNA President) had called and stated that Sabin was all tied up that weekend. He offered a full refund, but no one took it. For us, we'd finally gotten a front row seat. The matches for the most part were okay, but it got really heated when a TWE wrestler spotted the guy next to us was wearing an RCW shirt. Let's just call that wrestler...oh... Pink Thunder. Anyway, this little shit got pissed about the RCW shirt and even told us to "name one wrestler in RCW who is better than me." I completely marked out at that point, stood and said one word: "Hernandez!" Okay, so I said more after that: "Hernandez would Border Toss your little punk ass!" I love the indy circuit. The show did finish well with an amazing Tag Team hardcore match complete with barbed wire, a staple gun, and some great hardcore spots. Overall, a decent show...but don't book it on Super Bowl Sunday. That's just stupid.

So, fast forward again to February 10...and RCW's Texas Explosion III. Easily, this was the best wrestling show I have ever been to. And, yes, that includes sports entertainment as well. The crowd became standing room only. There was a Fans Lumberjack River City Rumble match and some other great matches where everyone gave it their all. This truly was RCW's Wrestlemania and everyone of us let the wrestling fan out. Match of the night was easily the main event as the Latin American eXchange (LAX) team of Hernandez and Homicide made the trip to challenge for the RCW tag team chamionship. The crowd of 300+ was standing the whole time. Despite the match ending in a controversial draw, Homicide made it clear that LAX would be back on March 10...three days after my birthday. Afterward, we got to meet some of the wrestlers, including Homicide. None of us had a camera but I did at least get to congratulate him on winning the Ring of Honor Championship.

The whole ride home after Texas Explosion III was fun. I really didn't even care when I missed one of my exits. I was simply in awe that I got to see a couple of the best wrestlers out there right now come to my hometown and put their heart and soul into a match. Seeing Homicide perform a Gringo Killa live was awesome. I'm still in awe just thinking about it. I can't wait till LAX returns to SA.

Ok, this was a long blog...and I haven't even mentioned that I beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I can't call it the best Zelda ever, but it is up there. I've just enjoyed the game so much...and I miss playing it. I should start it over again...aight...see ya!

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January 2, 2007 - Insert New Year Cliche Title Here

2007 is here...which means it has been at least two years since I moved back to San Antonio. I'd say, so far, that life has been successful since I moved back, but there is still more that I have to do.

So this time of year, everyone likes to be like everyone else and make new year's resolutions that end up being broke 99% of the time. I never do. I don't think you should have to wait for January 1 to decide you want to make a change about something in your life. You should just do it when you know you're ready to. So rather than make some lame ass resolution that I'm probably not gonna keep a few weeks from now, I just set a goal. This year, my goal is to get back out on my own.

I'm just one step closer and hopefully by the summer time, I'll be on my own again...or if I'm lucky enough, I'll get a house for my birthday (it's in two months!). Till then, all I can do is keep on working as hard as I have been and hope for the best...

...and keep playing on Zelda. This game is so beautiful!

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