1985 - 2002


He was always there when J.C. and Jennifer got home from school. And he would always be there when mom and dad got home from work. He waved "good-bye" when the kids rode to middle school, entered high school, and left for college. When you got home, he was there, and he would always keep you company when work was hell and you were lonely.

Izzy vs. the phone cord Izzy loved grass

He kept the dogs in check and made sure the house was safe. He even made the trip with the family at Christmas time. He was a very big part of the family...and his passing left a void that will never be filled.

Relaxin' Chillin'

From the moment he joined the family in 1986, he was always there. Everyday he was just more and more excited to see you when you got home. Not a person entered the house without a greeting from him. Now visitors wonder where he went.

Posing for his close-up Of all places to nap...the dryer!?!

All we have are pictures. All we have are memories. And no matter how hard we may try, you can't think of Izzy...and not cry. He will always be in our hearts. And even now, he is still the first one to greet you when you get home.

A quick turn to the camera Watching Romeo be a dork

Izzy, you were always there for me when I needed you. It's so hard to believe you are gone. Thank you so much for the memories and for keeping the family happy. Keep watch over the house as you always have, and always keep us safe. I will always love you and will forever miss you. Thanks for always being there.

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