1991 - 2004


Throughout the day, she always had one thing on her mind: Sleep. But when you came home she was up and ready to see you. And just the mention of going for a walk got her excited. She was truly a great friend to have around, and while she could be a pain at times, it isn't easy letting her go.

Maddie posing for the camera Maddie welcomes Romeo to the backyard

When she first joined us, she cried because she missed her mother. But soon, she grew used to the family she now had and even learned to live with a cat around. When she wasn't sleeping, she was getting into something. Whether it be the trash, the refrigerator (which she opened herself), the cat's food, or even the neighbor's back yard. Yeah, we scolded her, but we never stopped loving her. And we never will.

Maddie and sleeping buddy #1 Maddie and sleeping buddy #2

Now, Maddie the TV. Just like she always used to. And if we ever miss her, we can always see that picture of her smiling for the camera. It wasn't easy losing her, but I know she always thanked us for taking care of her. And I thank her everyday for taking care of us. Sleep well, Maddie. You deserve the rest.

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