TNA Hard Justice 2006

TNA Hard Justice 2006

Event Date: August 13, 2006
Place: Orlando, Florida
Date of Review: August 16, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


Eric Young def. Johnny Devine

This match was a great starting match but the craziest thing happened during it when a fire from the opening pyro display set a fire off in the rafters. The Impact Zone was filled with extinguisher smoke but not a single fan left a seat. Young and Devine put together a great match and finished it. A 45-minute delay followed so take your bathroom break right after this one.

#1 Contender's Match for TNA X Division Championship
Chris Sabin def. Alex Shelley

These two had to put together their own starting match since the delay took the fans out of it. Remarkably, they put together a great match that got the fans back into the PPV and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Abyss def. Brother Runt

David vs. Goliath was a hardcore match this time around and neither wrestler disappointed. Big props to Run for taking some very dangerous thumbtack spots.

Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match
Samoa Joe def. Monty Brown and Rhino

Easily, this was the match of the night. These three fought through the crowd, took weapons from the crowd, and even threw in some great wrestling as well. Despite getting pinned, this was Monty Brown's best match ever and an instant classic for all three.

Gail Kim def. Sirelda

The sleeper match of the night. This one was really a squash and not worth the PPV air time...other than getting to see Gail Kim. ;-)

Triple Threat Match for TNA X Division Championship
Senshi (Champion) def. Jay Lethal and Petey Williams

Not bad for an X Division match. The match did have its moments but nothing extremely spectacular. Still, it was good overall.

NWA Tag Team Championship
AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels (Champions) def. Latin American eXchange

Simply a great tag team match which would have been match of the night had it not been for the Falls Count Anywhere match. These four put a great match together and really put Homicide and Hernandez on the map.

NWA Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett (Champion) def. Sting

Match would have been good had it not been for all the interference. That slowed the pace of the match and even affected the most expected it would.

Overall: Despite a fire and a 45-minute delay, this is one of the best PPVs TNA has ever done. The action was great and the wrestlers all put their hearts into this one. Expect this one to fly off DVD shelves when it releases. You don't want to miss this one.

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