TNA Sacrifice 2006

TNA Lockdown 2006

Event Date: May 14, 2006
Place: Orlando, Florida
Date of Review: June 10, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


World X Cup Semi-final
Jushin "Thunder" Liger (Japan) def. Petey Williams (Canada)

This was a great opening bout and the fans in the Impact Zone got behind both participants. Both X Division wrestlers worked very well together and had some very amazing spots in the match that really got the crowd pumped up. A small technical hiccup by TNA towards the end of the match still couldn't ruin this one (they aired the finish later on that night) and Sacrifice was off to a great start.

NWA World Tag Team Championship
America's Most Wanted (Champions) def. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

In my opinion, this one is probably the match of the night. Daniels and Styles showed just how talented and versatile they are by being able to compete in both the X Division and the heavyweight division. AMW surprised me as well as they had a few big spots of their own. Great action and so many close finishes made this match an instant classic. The finish was a little bleh but that's just a footnote to a very amazing showing.

Raven def. A-1

This match was pretty basic and it was good to see Raven back in action. Nothing great about this one and nothing bad either. Raven's fight with Larry Zbysko following the match was great as well.

Bobby Roode def. Rhino

This one was probably the bathroom break match of the night. This one was kind of a sleeper with nothing too big to note here. Not a being showing by either wrestler, though.

The James Gang def. Team 3D

Long time wrestling fans remember how great a match up this was back in the WWF Attitude era. The former New Age Outlaws and Dudley Boys did not disappoint in this one either. The tag team spots were great and so were the comedic ones. B.G. and Brother Ray even pull off drop kicks. The finish was revenge-ful and somewhat expected.

World X Cup Gauntlet Final
Petey Williams wins Gauntlet for Team Canada

When you put 16 of the best X Division wrestlers from around the world in one ring together, something great is going to happen. Unlike most battle royal/gauntlet match type setups, this one had no downtime. The action was non-stop and had a lot of great spots to go along with it. This was a spectacular finish to another great World X Cup year.

Tag Team Match
Sting and Samoa Joe def. Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner

If Samoa Joe had any doubters as to whether or not he could hang with the heavyweights, this match silenced them. Joe took his share of bumps early but quickly returned to his dominating self and took apart Steiner and Jarrett. The crowd was behind Joe the whole way and Sting did his share to make Joe look really good. All four competitors worked great in the ring and put together a very good match.

Full Metal Mayhem match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage (Champion) def. Abyss

Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Chains in TNA really does make for a good match. This was a great finale to what has been a very good feud between these two. The two put on a very amazing show and provided some very awesome spots...including more thumb tacks. This main event was a great way to close another successful TNA PPV.

Overall: It is very hard to follow Lockdown, especially when it was only three weeks prior to this, but Sacrifice was a great show. Only a couple of matches were sleepers, but the addition of the World X Cup to this card made up for that. Truly, TNA simply does not disappoint month after month.

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