TNA Slammiversary 2006

TNA Slammiversary 2006

Event Date: June 18, 2006
Place: Orlando, Florida
Date of Review: June 26, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


Bingo Hall Brawl
Team 3D def. The James Gang

This was a great opening bout. As the Impact Zone fans put it, That Was Awesome! Both teams put on a great match full of weapons, weapons, and more weapons. Even the fans were handing chairs and holding them for Team 3D to use. All this to prove one major point, this is how hardcore is done. Not the way the WWE version of ECW is. TNA got their point across with this one.

Handicap Match
Rhino def. Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore

Get the sleeper match over with quickly. I like it. Handicap match or not, the outcome was pretty obvious. The match moved kinda slow. Take a bathroom break on this one.

TNA X Division Elimination Match
Senshi def. Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, and Shark Boy

I don't need to tell you how awesome this match was. All you need to know is that this match involved six of the X Division's Elite. The match had some very amazing spots and some great work between each of the competitors. This was easily one of the top matches of the night.

Kevin Nash def. Chris Sabin

This was a pretty decent match. Unfortunately, there was a fair amount of interference from Alex Shelley that took a lot of wind out of the sails of this one. Despite that, it wasn't too bad, and it didn't kill the flow of the PPV.

NWA Tag Team Championship
A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels def. America's Most Wanted (Champions)

This one had to be the match of the night. And yes, we have seen this match for the last two pay-per-views, but somehow or another, Gail Kim always got involved. This time, Styles and Daniels brought in the equalizer that they needed, and we got the best match these two times have put on in their feud.

Samoa Joe def. Scott Steiner

This match moved slow for the hype it got, and it was only good because Samoa Joe carried Steiner throughout. Let's be honest, Steiner is not a good wrestler. He was a good wrestler in his B.S. days (Before Steroids). It wasn't a bad match, but Samoa Joe has had better ones.

King of the Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett def. Christian Cage (Champion), Abyss, Sting, and Ron Killings

The rules of this match are very unique, but very easy to understand. This was also a very good main event...up until the end. The fans themselves voiced and showed their displeasure with the final outcome and with good reason. But, overall, this match deserves an A.

Overall: This pay-per-view is TNA's grand-daddy of them all and upon turning four years old, TNA did not disappoint. Like every PPV, this one was full of great matches. Jim Cornette's appearance as the new head of TNA management was great as well and he made his prescence felt. While not the best PPV of the year for TNA, it was still amazing and well worth watching.

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