WWE Great American Bash 2006

WWE Great American Bash 2006

Event Date: July 23, 2006
Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Review: August 3, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London and Brian Kendrick (Champions) def. The Pitbulls

This was a pretty basic match. Nothing too fancy and a decent start to the PPV. Couple of good spots since all the competitors are cruiserweights.

WWE United States Championship
Finlay (Champion) def. William Regal

Unfortunately, due to a medical condition, Lashley could not be a part of this match. The match went on as scheduled and wasn't too bad. Some humorous spots but the match dragged on too long. Boring chants could be heard in this one.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Gregory Helms (Champion) def. Matt Hardy

This one turned out to be a very, very good match. Hardy and Helms brought some great spots to this one and kept the fans in it for most of the match. This was one of the better matches of the night.

Punjabi Prison Match
The Undertaker def. The Big Show

Big Show was a very late replacement for the Great Khali (probably because Khali can't wrestle worth a damn) but fit very well in this one. The structure and the rules were very unique. This match was very well planned out and was easily the match of the night.

Four Way Bra and Panties Match
Ashley Massaro def. Kristal Marshall, Jillian Hall, and Michelle McCool

Diva match. Enough said.

Mr. Kennedy def. Batista

Batista dominated this one and lost by DQ for not releasing a choke. He bloodied Kennedy up pretty bad afterwards.

World Heavyweight Championship
King Booker def. Rey Mysterio (Champion)

This match was just okay for a championship match. Both competitors put on a great show, but it wasn't anything extraordinary. Sadly, this match wasn't a clean victory for King Booker as he won after a little help from Chavo Guerrero.

Overall: This was a Smackdown pay-per-view. Except for a few good matches, this event lost a lot of its momentum before it even started thanks to a string of injuries to the Smackdown roster. For the second straight year, this PPV was disappointing.

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