WWE Judgment Day 2006

WWE Judgement Day 2006

Event Date: May 21, 2006
Place: Phoenix, Arizona
Date of Review: June 9, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London and Brain Kendrick def. MNM (Champions) (13:42)

This was a very good opening match for a PPV. Both teams worked very, very well together and put together a very entertaining match. Unfortunately, a match like this one again looks to be a long way off as MNM was disbanded following the match when Johnny Nitro and Melina turned on Joey Mercury.

Chris Benoit def. Fit Finlay (21:10)

This match was one of a few bright spots in the PPV. Benoit and Finlay are two of the top technical wrestlers in the business and this match showed why. The match was very well put together and two worked extremely well with each other. Despite being the longest match of the night, this one keeps your attention throughout.

Jillian Hall def. Melina (4:17)

This match was short and sweet (as I hoped it would be) but it did allow Jillian Hall to showcase some of the moves she displayed in OVW. Her ringwork was good and she worked well with Melina for the duration of the match.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Gregory Helms (Champion) def. Super Crazy (9:54)

Easily this was Helms' toughest challenge yet for his championship. He did manage to pull off a win, with the ring ropes. In typical Cruiserweight fashion, this match included a lot of high-flying and exciting spots upstaged only by TNA's X Division. Like all high-flying matches, they always seem to end too soon.

Mark Henry def. Kurt Angle (9:11)

This was yet another match of Kurt Angle carrying Mark Henry through the whole thing. The result...a bathroom break match. It wasn't worth watching and the count-out finish was bad. The only good action between the two followed the match conclusion when Angle snapped and beat down Henry.

King of the Ring Final
Booker T def. Bobby Lashley (9:15)

I was very happy to see the return of this tournament. Lashley has come a long way since his debut and worked very well with a veteran like Booker T. Although Booker T won this match (with help from Fit Finlay), Lashley did come out looking on top after he speared Booker T through the throne.

The Great Khali def. Undertaker (8:32)

Worst match of the night and proof that the whole big, tall monster thing is overplayed. You simply don't bring in some huge guy with no wrestling experience and have him squash the Undertaker in his first PPV match. This match alone completely killed the entire PPV. The fans booed heavily, and rightfully so.

World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio (Champion) def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield (15:55)

This match actually worked out a lot better than I thought it would. Both wrestlers did a good job and have some decent spots in the match. This match was exciting throughout and the finish was awesome. This was one of the best matches of the night.

Overall: This pay-per-view had some good matches on the card, but where it lost a lot of its value is the Great Khali vs. Undertaker and Angle vs. Henry matches. Without those two matches, this event keeps its momentum throughout and the fans will go home happy. This wasn't a bad PPV but it could have been so much better.

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