WWE Wrestlemania 22

WWE Wrestlemania 22

Event Date: April 2, 2006
Place: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Review: April 12, 2006
DVD Release Date: Not Yet


World Tag Team Championship:
Kane and Big Show (Champions) def. Carlito and Chris Masters (6:42)

This match had some build up in the RAW shows prior to Wrestlemania. So at first glance, starting off the biggest event of the year with a tag title match didn't look too bad on paper. Maybe they were planning something spectacular. Well, it never happened. Carlito and Masters looked like a couple of OVW jobbers and the match was a squash. It was simply used to set up a Carlito/Chris Masters feud that would begin the next night on RAW. Not a good start.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Rob Vam Dam def. Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Fit Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley (12:20)

I...wow. This one was amazing. Everyone took some big bumps and was involved in one way or another in some really spectacular spots. Most memorable: Shelton Benjamin's ladder run, Ric Flair being suplexed off the top of the ladder, Van Daminator on Bobby Lashley, RVD splash off top of ladder, and a finish that was simply awesome. If there was any down side to this match, it would be that it should have been later in the PPV. This one was a classic.

WWE United States Championship:
John "Bradshaw" Layfield def. Chris Benoit (Champion) (8:21)

Okay so the reason for this match being setup was because these two were getting praised a lot for their house show matches. Well, if that's the case, the audiences they were entertaining were pretty easy to please. This one was downright boring. The audience wasn't really into this one either and JBL's victory wasn't even clean. This one was really a downer after the ladder match.

Hardcore Match:
Edge def. Mick Foley (14:37)

Before this match started, I couldn't remember the last time I had seen an Attitude-era style hardcore match. This match went further than that. This one took me back to ECW. Props to Mick Foley for putting Edge over. The last guy he put through thumbtacks went on to make it really big. I predict the same things for Edge. Plently of barbed wire was used. Even Lita was bloodied up when she took a barbed wire mandible claw. The finish was even more amazing than the whole match put together.

Handicap Match:
The Boogeyman def. Booker T & Sharmell (3:53)

The Boogeyman should never be in a Wrestlemania match. Enough said.

WWE Women's Championship:
Mickie James def. Trish Stratus (Champion) (8:49)

I was cheering for Mickie in this one because Trish was starting to turn into the HHH of the Women's division. But the two ladies put together a great match. Mickie was heel but the crowd was actually cheering her because she worked her heel part very well in the match. The only downside was a botched Stratus-faction, but they adlibbed the ending well. Great women's match.

Casket Match:
The Undertaker def. Mark Henry (9:26)

I think everyone knew before hand that Taker was gonna be 14-0 after this match...so this was the bathroom break match. Kinda slow, but I can't blame Taker for that. He had to carry Mark Henry a lot. This was an easy squash...as it should be.

No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels def. Vince McMahon (18:26)

Quite honestly, this was probably match of the night. Yes it was a big squash but it was so awesome to see the return of the old Heartbreak Kid. So many great spots, especially the finish. This match solidified Wrestlemania 22 as the one night only return of the Attitude Era.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton and Kurt Angle (Champion) (9:17)

This match should have been the main event of the night. All three wrestlers were great and no one outshined the other. So many great spots and I hoped the match would have gone longer but at least it ended with an old school West Coast Pop by Rey Mysterio. I'm glad he finally became a World Champion.

Playboy Pillow Fight:
Torrie Wilson def. Candice Michelle (3:57)

This match should have never happened but it did. At least it was short.

WWE Championship:
John Cena (Champion) def. HHH (22:01)

The fans in attendance really sucked a lot of energy out of this match. At least HHH played along with them. For one night only, he was a face. The DX chop surprised me, but was awesome. The match did drag a lot at points. The finish was okay, though I was impressed to see HHH put Cena even more over by tapping out to the STFU.

Overall: This pay-per-view was a great recovery after last year's Wrestlemania stunk up the joint, except for Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle. For me, I felt this Wrestlemania was a return to the Attitude Era. The hardcore match was back...twice. And there were DX chops...twice. While it doesn't knock off Wrestlemania X-Seven as the best ever, it does rank up there.

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