1997 - Present


From the moment he wakes 'til the moment he sleeps. All he does is run and play.
Yeah he's spoiled, but he's fun to be around and he doesn't get into too much trouble.

Young Romeo with a toy FINALLY!  He's tired!

Romeo joined the family in the summer of '97 as a birthday present for Jennifer. She has always taken care of him, and he has always comforted her. Through good times and the bad, he has always made her laugh.

Posing for the camera Trying to hide from the camera

Over the years, he's taken his chances with Izzy...and he always lost. He always stuck with Maddie, but when she passed, he never lost his smile. Day after day, he continues to happily greet us when we get home...then he waits for you to throw his toy so he can run and play fetch.

Jen and Romeo Jen kissing Romeo

No matter the horrible times you may have, he'll stick with you until you smile. He'll always be his crazy self in his endless pursuit of squeaky toys. And that's a great relief after those hard and tough days. It's always great when he's around.

Young Romeo
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