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I post on so many forums and thanks to Adobe Photoshop CS3, I can put together some really cool signatures and avatars. If you've posted on some of the forums I do, you've likely seen these before. If you haven't then here's a look at them, along with some that I put together just because I was bored or just in case I find a forum for it later on.


My first Nakoruru avatar Nakoruru avatar for Kaori avatar for
My first avatar
Team Nakofan64 avatar Nakoruru avatar for SNK-Playmore Nakoruru avatar for
Avatar featuring my team for Capcom vs. SNK 2 SNK-Playmore


Click each picture to see a full-size image

My first signature My second Nakoruru signature Nakoruru signature Kaori signature
Nakoruru and Hanzo signature Nakoruru and Rimururu signature Nakoruru and Hanzo signature Hanzo signature
Link and Samus signature Smallville signature Darth Vader signature Link signature
NCAA Football 2005 signature Texas Longhorns signature Red River Shootout 2005 promo Kingdom Hearts signature
Samus Aran signature Viewtiful Joe signature Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup signature Sean Elliott signature
San Antonio Spurs signature Dale Earnhardt, Jr. signature Dale Earnhardt signature Matrix signature
Once Upon a Time in Mexico signature Gun Crazy signature Julia signature for YoshiXL Signature for Deimos Blacksoul

If you'd like me to make a signature or avatar for you to use on your forums, email me with the following information:
  • Subject of email should be "Avatar/Signature Request"

  • Maximum size allowed by forum

  • Your tag (screen name) on the forum

  • What you would like to see in the avatar or signature

  • I can't promise anything but I'll do my best. And if you send a little money, you'll get quicker and better results.

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